Find Help for Your Dental Emergency

Find out why an emergency dentist should be the first doctor you turn to for immediate dental care. 

Dental trauma can happen to anyone, but before you run to your local ER, think twice. Many ERs aren’t properly equipped to address dental emergencies and don’t specialize in providing dental treatment and care. Here at Floral Park Smiles, your dentist Dr. Michael Squire provides patients with emergency dentistry in Floral Park, NY, with little to no wait and with expert, same-day care.

When should you call your Floral Park, NY, emergency dentist? Here are some of the most common dental emergencies we address at our practice:

A Toothache

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, so it’s important that you listen to it! Dental pain can be a sign of decay, gum disease, a cracked tooth, or a dental infection. Whatever the problem is, it won’t go away without proper treatment from a dental professional. Even minor pain should be looked at.

Dental Trauma

Whether you’ve been hit in the mouth with a football or crunched down on a popcorn kernel, many scenarios can leave you with a cracked, chipped, partially dislodged, or knocked-out tooth. Dental trauma of any kind needs to be treated ASAP. This means stopping everything you are doing, collecting the tooth or pieces of the tooth, and coming into our practice immediately. Time is crucial for saving a tooth.

A Restoration That’s Broken or Fallen Off

Sometimes fillings or a crown may fall off or break, particularly if you’re eating something a little too hard. If this occurs, call us right away. A loose crown could also be a sign that there is decay present in the tooth under the crown. To prevent further complications you need to come into our practice for same-day care.

Swollen Jaw 

If you notice jaw swelling this could be a sign of a bone infection, which is serious. While you can apply a wrapped ice pack to the face to reduce swelling and discomfort, it’s important that you come in for an emergency visit as soon as possible.

An emergency dentist doesn’t have to be hard to find. Our Floral Park, NY, dentist Dr. Squire is here to help when dental emergencies arise. Trust your oral health to the experts at Floral Park Smiles. For all dental emergencies, call us right away at (516) 354-5070.

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