Mitchell H.
Yelp 12/17/2020

I was there for a cleaning today and I remembered that I have been going to Dr Squire for over 30 years. I had always resisted going to the dentist but knew I needed to go. Since then, Dr Squire's approach to dentistry calmed my fears and I started going regularly again. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Gina K.
Yelp 11/13/2020

What an excellent dentist.. spent so much time getting my fillings just right! Pristine work.

Jigar D.
Yelp 9/20/2020

Normally I prefer to continue to visiting the same dentist so they know my history and can assist me much better but after my last visit about year & half ago at my old dentist I decided needed a change and I was glad to see the M&M tag team. Hygienist Michelle and Dentist Michael were a great duo. They were great to converse with and thorough with annual check up.

Francesca S.
Yelp 2/10/2020

I've been a patient of Dr. Squires for more than 10 years now! Before going to him, I was always very nervous before going to a dental appointment. Dr Squire is a pain free dentist, puts his patients first and makes you feel at ease. Every single experience I've ever had has been amazing. I highly recommend Dr Squire and his staff for all your dental needs.

Le P.
Yelp 9/10/2018

I have been a patient here for a few years, as has my husband, who is a giant child when it comes to going to the dentist. My husband says that Dr. Squire is the only dentist he has ever gone to, that he feels at ease with.Our children are patients also and my 6yr old literally asks once every month or so, when she can go back for another cleaning! Dr. Squire and the entire staff here are wonderful...Patient, kind, very knowledgeable and friendly. The Dr does not push any work to be done on you, he offers choices and options and he answers any question you have and takes his time to explain what needs to be done. You can tell that the staff is treated well too, which is important to me, as it shows kindness within the whole office.. I refer Floral Park Smiles anytime somebody I know is looking for a dentist. Definitely give them a call!

Lou O.
Yelp 5/3/2018

I have been a patient of Dr. Squire's for over 10 years. I live in NewJersey and travel more than fifty miles for my visits . Extremely friendly atmosphere and appointment time is always on schedule. My teeth are in great shape thanks to Dr. Squire. Also, there are some great bakeries in the neighborhood.

Leona N.
Yelp 4/26/2018

I have been a patient of Dr. Squires since he started his practice in Floral Park. Everyone says that I have beautiful teeth and it is all due to Dr. Squire. He is very professional and I highly recommend him. His staff is also very professional.

Mandeep K.
Yelp 3/18/2018

Dr. Squire is an amazing Dentist! It was my first time at his dental facility and I can't say enough how happy I am to finally find a dentist who cares for his patients. He is a professional and perfectionist. He was very informative and explained throughly about what I needed to do on my teeth.

Also the office manager Rosanne is very sweet and friendly. She was so accommodating and helpful with my appointment and explaining the whole insurance benefits process.

Marco C.
Yelp 7/21/2016

A great dentist. Michael Squire and his staff are fantastic. I have had several visits here and the level of professionalism is amazing. I never realized what a true cleaning was until I visited Floral Park Smiles. Never thought I'd say this about a dentist, but I look forward to seeing you again.

N D.
Yelp 4/20/2015

Dr. Squire and his staff are fantastic! My husband, myself and our two children, ages 3 and 7 all see Dr, Squire. He is hands down, the most thorough, honest dentist I've ever used. We will be going to him until the day he retires! (note: which is no time soon!)

C.L. S.S.
Yelp a months ago

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Michael Squire since 2000. Since we have been with him, our oral health has been in optimum shape for each of us. He is a wonderful dentist, kind, gentle and will go the extra mile for his patients. His staff are excellent and always helpful. We are extremely happy! Thank you, Dr. Squire and staff!

Jigar Doshi
Yelp 3 months ago

We use to go another dentist and haven’t seen one in over an year as we had a bad experience. We were hesitant to go see a new dentist but we were pleasantly surprised by the tag team of Michael and Michelle

Geoffrey Brunkhorst
Yelp 4 months ago

If you are looking for a dentist stop right here. Dr Squire is extremely knowledgeable and caring to his patients. I am very satisfied with all of the work Dr Squire has done and have been a patient for more than 25 years

Deborah O'Keefe
Yelp 4 months ago

Dr. Squire is more than competent and conscientious . He is genuinely concerned about his patients. I found him to be more gentle than other dentists . The office is well run and has a warm and gracious staff . I would highly recommend him

Jackie Glennon
Yelp 5 months ago

Dr Squire and his team are simply the best! I have been a patient here for years and have always received nothing but the best care! Highly recommended!

Paul C.
Yelp 10 months ago

My family & I have been long time patients. Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Squire, his staff & his office.

Andrew Cotsalas
Yelp 10 months ago

Dr Squire does amazing work. His work is thorough and painless. I'm very happy my friend recommended him.

Heather Weinstock
Yelp 11 months ago

Dr. Squire is definitely the best dentist i have ever been to (and i have been to my share). I had a tooth that another dentist thought i needed an implant for and Dr. Squire worked his magic and saved my tooth and saved me a lot of money. Not only is he amazing but his staff is the best. They give the most thorough cleanings and are always a pleasure speak with. I would highly recommend using Dr. Squire if you are choosing a dentist.

Harry Einhorn
Yelp 11 months ago

Dr. Squire is a great dentist- he’s kind, gentle, and knows exactly what he’s doing. The staff is fantastic. Highly recommended!

Louis Grimaldi
Yelp 11 months ago

Have been Dr Squire's patient for over 2 years now. He and his staff are excellent, and he has been able to keep my mouth in fine shape. He has given me many tips for maintaining my smile. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now!

Beena H.
Yelp 11 months ago

Dr. Squire and his staff are very friendly and professional. It's always a quick and efficient trip, they do my cleaning and don't try to push any unnecessary procedures or products on me. I highly recommend.

Susan Bach
Yelp 11 months ago

Dr. Squire and his staff are great! They do a wonderful job, they're quick and efficient, and they are the epitome of putting the patient first. Would highly recommend!

Louis Gammarato
Yelp 11 months ago

Dr. Squire has been our family dentist for almost 30 years and I would gladly recommend him without hesitation,,

Daniel Silverio
Yelp 11 months ago

Skilled, professional, and will make you better at taking care of your teeth.

Rashedul Hossain
Yelp a year ago

Really good place to go best doctor best stuff there!

Actor M. Eusebio
Yelp a year ago

A wonderful office for anyone looking for a great dentist. The team there is gracious and professional while being genuinely friendly. My wife and I have been going there since we moved to the neighborhood and when our kids get old enough, they probably will as well.

Joseph Elliot
Yelp a year ago

Dr. Squire was great! I can honestly say it was the best cleaning and service that I have ever received at the dentist. Highly recommended.

Karen Sommer
Yelp a year ago

Went to Dr. Squire more than 5 years ago ... disappointed I couldn't get implants (way out of my budget) he made me dentures that I get compliments on all the time ... everyone I tell that I have dentures are so surprised at how real they look - he really tries so hard to make you happy and comfortable ... i would definitely recommend him!

Judy Torre
Yelp 2 years ago

When my dentist of 35 years retired, I thought I would never find another dentist that I trusted. Then I found Dr. Squire. He is professional, caring and a fabulous dentist. Thank you Dr. Squire!

Andre Gonzalez
Yelp 2 years ago

About two years ago I had an infection in my tooth due to a not so thorough root canal and crown. The dentist immediately wanted to extract the tooth and put an implant in ensuring me it was the only alternative. I was hesitant on going forward with the extraction and decided to seek out a second opinion.
That’s when I found Dr. Squire and I’m really glad I did. He was able to save my tooth and did an outstanding job on the crown. Hasn’t bothered me at all since.
From the kind and caring staff to the attentiveness of their patients this is truly a top notch practice. Plus they respect your time, rarely ever have to wait to be seen, and if I do it’s only for a few minutes probably due to Dr. Squire ensuring he’s given the proper care to the patient before me.
So glad to have found a dentist who loves his profession, is a master at his craft, and puts the patients best interest in front of his bottom line.

Yelp 2 years ago

Dr Squire is an amazing Dentist! It was my first time at his dental facility and I can’t say enough how happy I am to finally find a dentist who cares for his patients. He is a professional and perfectionist. He was very informative and explained throughly about what I needed to do on my teeth.
Also the office manager Rosanne is very sweet and friendly. She was so accommodating and helpful with my appointment and explaining the whole insurance benefits process.

Jennifer Paguio
Yelp 2 years ago

Very professional and excellent quailty of work. Had a fear of going to the dentist bc of past experiences with other dentists but have been going to him constantly for years. Clean and friendly environment with amazing staff.

Frederica Elias-Dalonzo
Yelp 2 years ago

Love Dr Squire, staff is great, you are in and out. Great music and my kids love it as well

Edward Cameron
Yelp 2 years ago

Been seeing Dr. Squire for 30 years. He and his staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, and most importantly they keep your teeth in great shape!

Gregory Sabbagh
Yelp 2 years ago

Doctor Squire and his staff do a great job, been going to him for years.Excellent work, nice staff!

Christina Barr
Yelp 2 years ago

Dr Squire was excellent with both of my kids having their first fillings. They were nervous coming in, and he explained everything and was extremely patient and considerate of their plans.

Frank Napoli
Yelp 2 years ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Squire for 30 years. He's exceptionally knowledgeable, proficient and friendly. He and his staff are simply "the best". You will not find better!

Liz Eck
Yelp 2 years ago

Great staff! Always do the best work for their customers!

Wendy Kunz
Yelp 2 years ago

Dr. Squire is a great dentist. His staff is always very nice and very accommodating. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Jo-Anne Inch Vidasolo
Yelp 2 years ago

Dr.Squire, Dental Hygienist Michelle, Office Manager Rosanne and staff are great! I've been a pt. over twenty years & greatly appreciate their friendly, professional, competent, caring treatment.

Walkersofthe West
Yelp 2 years ago

This office makes going to the dentist about as pleasant as it can be. The staff is so down to earth and nice; the cleanings are fantastic; and the work is done properly the first time!

Debbi Plumer
Yelp 2 years ago

Excellent dentist and staff! Great for the whole family!

Liz Digangi
Yelp 2 years ago

Dr Squire is fantastic! I didn’t feel a thing! The entire staff is warm, friendly, and welcoming. I highly recommend him!

Mitch Horowitz
Yelp 2 years ago

I used to totally hate going to the dentist. My wife and I met Dr.Squire when he first opened his practice in Floral Park. He and his staff always put me at ease and changed me over to someone who goes to the dentist on a regular basis. Preventive care means you're less likely to need emergency care. He always explains what he is doing and why.

Layman T.
Yelp 2 years ago

Great experience!

Yelp 2 years ago

Dr. Squire and his staff treat you like family. Dr Squire is a perfectionist. He takes his time to do the perfect job. He will not do any unnecessary work and cares about long lasting results. Dr. Squire is a dentist I highly recommend.

Luciann Ioannou
Yelp 2 years ago

Dr. Squire and his staff are nothing short of wonderful. The office is clean and inviting. I never thought I would enjoy walking into a dentist's office.
After years of questionable dental work from my old dentist, I finally met Dr. Squire. He was able to educate me on all of the work that needed to be repaired while being fair and honest. He is a perfectionist who won't be satisfied until the work is done properly. Also, he is ALWAYS on time which is so valuable to me since I'm always on the run.
Dr. Squire, his assistants and Rosanne at the front desk are all a pleasure to work with. 10 stars for Floral Park Smiles!!

Rex Johnson
Yelp 2 years ago

I am not a good dental patient. It's not Dr. Squire's to fault nor any of Floral Park Smiles staff. I simply do not get along well with things in my mouth. It is one of my least favorite things. Thankfully Floral Park Smiles has patiently endured me with good humor for twenty five years. The practice feels like family.
Dr. Squire is a perfectionist. He is patient, meticulous and thorough about dental health. He is consistently current with best practices, equipment and therapies. Treatment and strategy is always sensitive to the tolerance, comfort and budget constraints of the patient. And he gets results! Despite years of neglect I am told that my teeth will be with me for a long time to come. Who can ask for better than that?
The accompanying staff shall not be overlooked. Dental cleaning - something our teeth need regularly. Being adverse to stuff in the mouth, you can imagine how much I have looked forward to cleanings in the past. Then came Michelle. She keeps me comfortable during treatment and inspects and treats like an artist. Michelle is highly skilled and way ahead of what one might think of as dental hygienist. Thorough and conscientious, Michelle identified a growth that lead me to oral surgery which likely averted a miserable, maybe tragic future.
Last but not least is office manager Rosanne. Rosanne is charming, finds the appointment times that work for me and optimizes my health insurance benefits.
In summary, FIVE STARS for Dr. Squire and Floral Park Smiles.

Steve Dispensa
Yelp 2 years ago

Highly recommend Dr. Squire. Great office, friendly staff. From personal experience, once work was done, never had a problem. The quality of his work is excellent.

Hope W.
Yelp 2 years ago

I'm so happy to have found Dr. Squire and his incredible team earlier this year. Dr. Squire is awesome and his talent helped to save me big $$$ with an issue I had a few months ago! If you're looking for a new dentist, look no further than Floral Park Smiles!

Francesco Santoro
Yelp 2 years ago

Dr. Squire has been my dentist for more than 10 years. My wife and my three girls use him as well. We find him to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced as well as professional and considerate. He has treated me for crown implants and routine dental care. I have never had any problems with his work and highly recommend him as an excellent family dentist.

Ethan Paliwoda
Yelp 2 years ago

When I first came into the office, my teeth were in terrible condition. Dr. Squire did a terrific job of bringing my teeth to such a pristine condition that even unsuspecting friends compliment them. Now, my bright smile brings me confidence. My family and I all share a similar positive experience.

Lenora Elliot
Yelp 2 years ago

I have been to many dentists. Dr. Squire and his staff's efficiency is way above my past experience for dental treatment. I would definitely recommend anyone to go to this office. My teeth feel better than ever.

Jack Diffley
Yelp 2 years ago

As the husband of a dental hygienist for over 35 years, I have had the fortune of great dental work by great dentists. My wife doesn't work for Dr Squire so no bias. Dr Squire is the most talented dentist I have ever met.

Alessa Rivera
Yelp 3 years ago

I've been going to dr Squire for several years now and I can just say he is an amazing dentist, very friendly he listens to your concerns. He will avoid unnecessary treatment to preserve the integrity of your teeth . His wife and staff are adorable, appointments are easy to get and always on time. I have a great dental experience from start to finish.

Patricia Breen
Yelp 3 years ago

Dr Squire has been my dentist for nearly 20 years. He is excellent and a true professional! He is pain free and I always get compliments on my beautiful teeth. He is someone you can trust to do a fantastic job. I would recommend him to persons of all ages.

Oscar Flores
Yelp 3 years ago

I love Dr Squire's office. He is the best dentist I've ever had..Excellent! Very knowledgeable and gentle...explains what needs to be done and does it expertly. Office is well run, they are so friendly and caring, about your well being so much, especially the hygienists,. They are wonderful to spend time with and make the cleanings a pleasure. I would and have recommended Dr. Squire to my friends and family. Thank you Dr Squire and to all your staff. You guys are amazing.

Helen Yeung
Yelp 3 years ago

Dr Squire's office has the friendliest staff and he is very honest and super informative. He explained to me and showed me why specific teeth needed to get worked on. He is very conservative on the aspects of prepping which is important. I know I don't have to worry about having unnecessary work done and that I'm in good hands. I had a great experience and I believe anyone else who goes to Dr Squire will have a great experience too

Rita Dalonzo
Yelp 3 years ago

Dr. Squire is everything you want in a dentist. When you visit him, you can be assured that your "TEETH" are in good hands. Our adult children, along with our four year old grandson, are his patients, and we all agree he is fantastic. Rita and Augie

Bill Kobza
Yelp 3 years ago

It's clear that Dr. Squire and his staff cares about his patients; they treat you like family.

John Svagna
Yelp 3 years ago

Going to Dr Michael Squire has been an extremely pleasent and educational experience in the world of dentistry.Not only did I get much needed and great dental work I also received an education in dentistry.He would always explain in detail with models of teeth and the x-rays the work that I will be receiving from him.This made me extremely comfortable and confident in his ability to do the dental work I needed

Francesca Santoro
Yelp 3 years ago

My family has been patients of Dr. Squire since 2004! I previously had a fear of the dentist and after going to Dr. Squire, I overcame that fear! Everyone in the office is very friendly! I highly recommend him!!

Linda Morrissey
Yelp 3 years ago

So glad I found Dr. Squire; wouldn't go anywhere else!

Saba Ahmed
Yelp 3 years ago

Dr. Squire is my "dentist" dream come true! He's honest, non-aggressive, has a wonderful bedside manner and is really damn good at what he does. I have had a lifetime of negative experiences with dentists, so I'm grateful to have found one like him!

Michael Calandra
Yelp 3 years ago

Great Dentist! Really cares about his patients.

Mario Tucci
Yelp 4 years ago

Dr. Squire became my Dentist around 1990 when I moved to Floral Park. However, after many satisfied years but also being a habitual procrastinator I didn't go to the dentist for about 12 years. During that time I did not have any problems but then about 2 years ago when I was on a nut and fruit diet I began to have issues with my gums. They were loose and the nuts would wedge between my gums and teeth. It was very uncomfortable. I went on line and found that there was now a laser treatment to tighten the gums around teeth so I made an appointment with a North Shore, high-in dental group that advertised the procedure on the net. After x-rays and several examinations I was told that they had come up with a plan to save my teeth. They, multiple dentists in a hard sell attempt (I was in sales for 30+ years), presented phase one which would leave me with 3 teeth missing and cost $14,000 that they would be glad to finance at an unreasonable rate. I knew by leaving me missing 3 teeth would lock me into continuing with phase 2 which they would not put a cost on. They also said that their might be additional phases, maybe for the rest of my life. Insurance would only cover about 10% of the cost. It was clear to me that this office only cared about generating profit.
Needless to say I went back to the doctor I trusted, Dr. Squire, to get his opinion. He saw the same issues but rather than pulling teeth and putting in implants, he came up with a holistic plan, gave me the mouth rinse, tools and scheduled cleanings that saved all the teeth they wanted to pull. Even one molar he thought he would have to pull. He was up front with me that if I wanted the opportunity to save my teeth I would have to put in the effort. I just came back from his office. My teeth are fine and my gums have tightened.
I highly recommend Dr. Squire. His approach to getting the mouth healthy works!

Mike Mangini
Yelp 4 years ago

Amazing Dentist. He care about doing the best possible dental work and not how fast he can finish. A perfectionist who will do work until you are 100% satisfied. I wish all doctors had his dedication, patience and honesty.

Rob Schmid
Yelp 4 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Squire for over 20 years and have to say that him and his staff are excellent! They are always very professional, honest and are always able to accommodate my schedule. They do great work and are very meticulous to make sure it is done correctly. Cleanings, cavities, chipped teeth, wisdom tooth removal, they are always able to take care of whatever my issue is quickly and correctly. They are also very friendly and personable and they do not criticize. This office is not "like going to the dentist"!

Ruthi Farrago
Yelp 4 years ago

If I could give Dr. Squire 10 stars I would as that is what he deserves! He is the most caring dentist I have ever been to. He does not rush thru the time he spends with you, takes the time to do the best work possible as opposed to most other dentists who are worried about getting in as many patients in a day. He has been available to me after hours for emergencies and he never makes you feel like you are a bother (even when you know you are) His staff is wonderful and everyone makes you feel comfortable. Very warm family friendly environment!! I highly recommend!!!

Freddy Klein./strong>
Yelp 4 years ago

The best. Simply the best there is

Sally Abreu
Yelp 4 years ago

After many years of jumping from dentist to dentist me and my husband were lucky enough to find Dr. Squire!! He is an amazing dentist that genuinely cares about his patients and the work that he is doing. His whole staff is warm and friendly and they make you feel like part of the family since your first visit. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great dentist. Our teeth and gums have never been healthier!!

Steve Marston
Yelp 5 years ago

If you really don't like going to the dentist, you're going to the wrong dentist. Try mine. He's got at least as much skill, artistry, and care as any professional I've ever met. He doesn't do perfunctory work: he uses the latest proven technology; he thinks on his feet, and based on his training and experience, considers your best options for a lifetime of good oral care. If you go, tell him I sent you. He gives you reasons to smile.

John Viggiani
Yelp 5 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Squire since my teeth grew in! I am 9 years old and my mom brought me to Dr. Squire when I was 5 years old. After getting over my initial fear of going to the dentist for the first time and locking myself in Dr. Squires bathroom I look forward to my bi-yearly visits. My mom has been going to Dr. Squire since 1996 and recommends him to everyone! My mom trusts Dr. Squire and his professional skills so much she trusted him with myself and my twin sister since we have been old enough to have teeth and go to the dentist!

Alexandra Klufas
Yelp 5 years ago

Dr. Squire is the best dentist I've ever had. I had been afraid of dentists and dental work but I have always felt safe and in great hands in his care. He understands patients fears and pain and is able to reduce both. I have also appreciated how skilled he is - he is highly particular and does his work with great care and precision. Most importantly, he can be trusted to do the right thing. I highly recommend him!

Joseph B.
Yelp 5 years ago

Dr Squire is an amazing dentist. He is very patient, takes his time to explain everything he is doing, and never in rush to answer your questions and concerns. The office staff are the nicest, very courteous and professional. The office is extremely clean and I am always seen on time. I have been to many dentists in NYC and Dr Michael is the best.

Jim Choisez
Yelp 6 years ago

I first went to Dr. Squire for a medical emergency, but soon found myself going to him for routine yearly checkups. My family and I have been going to him for many years now. Dr. Squire and his staff treat you like family. They make you very comfortable for your procedure and review your options with you. Dr. Squire takes care of all my families dental needs.

Michele Morales
Yelp 6 years ago

I highly recommend this dentist office. My family has been going to Dr. Squire for over 10 years. His staff is extremely efficient and friendly and I have never waited more than 5 mins in the waiting room. Dr. Squire truly cares about the work he performs and always making sure the patient is comfortable. If your anywhere near the Floral Park area, he is definitely the dentist for you.

Patti's Vintage Studio
Yelp 6 years ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Squire's for over 20 years. Not only has he given me my smile back, he has helped me overcome my fear of dentistry. Dr. Squire is always aware of new dental options and works very hard at keeping your teeth healthy. His office staff and assistants are incredibly nice and are great at scheduling. My whole family are patients and I highly recommend Dr. Squire for any and all dental work.

Carmen Zapata
Yelp 6 years ago

I highly recommend Dr Squire for any dental work. He is one of the few dentists that cares about his patients and their overall comfort in his office. Dr. Squire takes great pride in his work. Clearly, he loves what he does and strives for perfection. If he feels you are in the slightest bit of discomfort he corrects it right away and finds a way to make you more comfortable. Thank you Dr. Squire for fixing my "ugly" tooth!

Matthew Williams
Yelp 6 years ago

Dr. Squire has been providing excellent dental care to my extended family and I for over 20 years. From routine cleanings to oral surgery and braces for my Grandmother, he has provided excellent, top of the industry service. I highly recommend Dr. Squire for any dental work.

Cassandra Freire
Yelp 6 years ago

I've never had a better dentist that Dr. Squire! He takes the time to explain things to you, even pointing out things on your x-rays. He and his whole staff are very friendly and polite and I've never felt more at ease at a dentist. I recommend Dr. Squire very much, you won't be disappointed.

Michelle Ryan
Yelp 6 years ago

My husband and I moved to Floral Park 7 years ago. We needed a new dentist and we just so happened to receive a magnet in the mail with Dr. Squire's information on it. My husband decided to give him a try and we are so glad he did. Dr. Squire has been the best dentist we have ever had. I even decided to give Invisalign a try with Dr. Squire after having a not so successful first time with another dentist. Dr. Squire, Roseann, and the whole staff at Floral Park Smiles are friendly, reassuring (as going to the dentist can be scary) and helpful. My Invisalign is working great and in the time we have been visiting Dr. Squire's office, my husband and I gave him a new patient. Now our 2 1/2 year old enjoys visiting Dr. Squire's office and getting her own check ups. If you are searching for a great dentist, no need to look any further. Floral Park Smiles is the place to go!

Ken Einhorn
Yelp 7 years ago

I've been going to Dr. Squire for 5 years and have never felt better taken care of! Not only is he a great dentist, but his kind and compassionate care makes me feel relaxed and at ease every time I have an appointment. I even had a dental emergency on a Sunday and Dr. Squire was right there for me--seeing me, interrupting a well deserved day off. Thank you Dr. Squire and everyone at Floral Park Smiles!

Gerald Kimmelman
Yelp 7 years ago

My teeth and gums have never been healthier since I started seeing Dr. Squire. He took the time to show me how to maintain a healthy mouth. Call Roseann to make an appointment. Tell her you know me.

Michael Valdner
Yelp 7 years ago

Simply the best!

John Tweedy
Yelp 7 years ago

As a patient of Dr. Squire’s for over 25 years from almost the beginning of his practice in Floral Park, I find that he brings an intellectual approach to the practice of dentistry as both a science and an art. Not only does he follow the principles of dentistry but he also strives to make sure that the work he does is superbly crafted to meet the particular needs of each patient. As a result of the preventative work he has done for me, I have rarely had dental problems over the years and my teeth feel great today! Plus he really seems to enjoy his work, which makes it pleasant to be his patient. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who wants excellent, caring dentistry.

Christine Lubrano D.
Yelp 7 years ago

I've been going to Dr. Squire for over twenty years and I would never go to any other dentist but him. I've had many procedures from root canals and crowns to routine cleanings. Dr. Squire's dental work is simply the best. And so is Dr. Squire himself! He makes going to the dentist a very pleasant experience. It is very easy to smile in his office. The atmosphere is fun, the staff is so personable and I always leave there with my teeth feeling great. I haven't lived in Floral Park for years, in fact I drive nearly 50 minutes to see Dr. Squire because it is worth the trip. He is truly an amazing dentist.

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